Tom Leighton Shoot Prep

Apprentice Program

Gates & Greene has a mission to train young adults from underserved communities in New York City to produce high-quality digital video content. This mission creates opportunities for people who otherwise would not gain access to careers in video production.

Our apprentice program is a film school integrated into a production company. We train semi-experienced filmmakers, ages 21-26, without charge, to create high-quality short documentaries. Graduates of our free workshops are then eligible for ongoing mentorship and work opportunities within our production company.

Our education is designed to create well-rounded filmmakers: capable of directing, shooting, sound recording, editing, and producing. Alongside the technical education, we groom apprentices both professionally and personally for opportunities within the industry. If you have skills in video production, possess a strong-work ethic, and are eager to learn, you can apply for our Short Documentary Production Bootcamp — the first step to becoming a Gates & Greene apprentice.

You can learn more about our Bootcamp here.