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We’re advisors, helping you navigate the exciting but daunting world of professional video content. We're also visual storytellers: crafting high-quality videos that move audiences to act. Here’s how that breaks down:


We provide consulting services on a per project or hourly basis. Whether you’re looking to create your first video or put hundreds of videos on a website, we can help you with strategy, pricing, or project management.

Video production & editing

We specialize in the production of short documentary videos: authentic, unscripted, people-driven films. We often make videos in a series or as part of a body of works.

Distribution strategy

Video content is one of the best ways to deliver your message but without the right distribution strategy, even the best stuff won’t get seen. We can help you use popular distribution channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to economically reach the right audience at the right time and ensure maximum impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We make videos for corporate responsibility reports - providing added lift for a company's successes by telling their CSR story in a video format that will easily resonate and connect with stakeholders.

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